Necessary Numbers in Fashion

Math may not be what initially enticed you to become a fashion designer. As a matter of fact, you may have been actively avoiding all things math related when you decided to make fashion design your career. However, as you begin to turn your love of fashion design into a viable business, retail math concepts become increasingly important.  At the University of Fashion, one of our goals is to make you as well prepared as possible to enter the fashion industry as both a knowledgable designer and as a business owner.

If you are entering the fashion industry as a retail buyer, merchandiser or marketer, our newest series of videos will be vital viewing. This week, Basic Math Concepts for Retail Buying joins a host of other videos such as our Fashion Startup 101 series, Licensing Money Matters and Introduction to Fashion Marketing which provide you with the information necessary for success when costing, buying and selling, marketing and licensing.

As a designer, it is important to consider how you will price and market your line.  When costing your collection, basic math concepts will come in handy and ensure that you stay within budget. If you are considering licensing your brand, understanding percentages means you will understand how you will benefit from a licensing partnership.

As a retail buyer, having a clear understanding of decimal, fraction and percentage conversions prepares you for positions that involve apparel buying and the planning and allocation of merchandise. Regardless of your role in the fashion industry, be sure to watch our newest video below.

In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for two additional videos in our Retail Math series: Understanding Retail Profit and Loss and Creating a Retail Merchandise Plan.

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Kara Laricks is a regular contributor to the University of Fashion. She’s also a New York based women's wear and accessories designer. As the first winner of NBC's Fashion Star, Kara has designed collections for H&M, Macy's and Saks Fifth Avenue. Her masculine meets feminine line, Kara Laricks, debuted at New York Fashion Week in 2012 and her S/S 2013 collection sold exclusively at Saks Fifth Avenue. Kara's designs have been featured on the Today Show and HBO's True Blood as well as covered in Women's Wear Daily and on Kara holds Master's degrees in both Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Kansas and in Fashion Design from the Academy of Art in San Francisco. An educator turned designer, Kara is dedicated to supporting emerging designers and inspiring others to follow where dreams lead.