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Design for a new time

In Sunday’s New York Times Fashion & Style section, we were introduced to Manufacture NY – “a fashion incubator, factory and research facility housed in a landmark building that was once Storehouse No. 2 of the United States Navy Fleet Supply Base” in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The project is the brainchild of Bob Bland, a 33-year-old designer/entrepreneur/visionary who has been determined to develop a “21st-century garment district” after struggling to produce her own line locally. Read More

Where Science Meets Design

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In fashion, trends come and go. With each new season, decades past resurface and are reinterpreted. For Fall/Winter 2015, the 70s were back in full force on the runway. So, as we look to the future, how can we innovate in fashion? Is it possible to truly create something brand new – something no one has ever seen before? If silhouettes and proportions have been exhausted, what is left to change the face of fashion as we know it? Read More

Wearable Tech – The Future of Fashion

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Wearable Tech – technological advancements that you can wear – are the future of fashion. Though most of us are familiar with advancements like the Nike+ FuelBand and the much anticipated iWatch, imagine charging your iphone in your in your chic black shift dress using the energy of the sun. Designers, scientists and visionaries around the world are developing fabrics and incorporating mechanisms in their garments which are changing the way we look at fashion and how we view the usefulness of the clothing we wear.  Read More

Pinterest as a Tool for Inspiration

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Technology, and the use of sites such as Pinterest, has greatly influenced the creative process.  Pinterest allows users to easily create boards by collecting, saving, and curating images.  These boards can also serve as mood boards, a way to visually represent your ideas that convey the style and tone of your inspiration.  Creating a mood board is an important step in creating a collection.

Pedro Pedreira

Pedro Pedreira

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