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Thread for thought

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Take a quick break from your computer, and go grab your favorite jeans in addition to a garment made of a more delicate fabric to use as a reference as you read the rest of this blog. Go on – we will wait! Read More

The Art of Fabric Manipulation

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From the daring to the demure, fabric manipulation techniques make garments into one of a kind pieces of art. Whether you lean toward the avant garde masterpieces shown by Comme des Garçon or the delicate confections that are Marchesa’s signature, learning fabric manipulation techniques is one way to make your garments stand apart from the rest.

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Preserving Craftsmanship in Fashion

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One of the qualities that I admire most about the University of Fashion’s founder Francesca is her dedication to preserving the art and craft of fashion design.

Especially in a culture where we experience fashion instantaneously though social media and virtually streamed fashion shows, the craftspeople and their trades that make these shows possible can get lost in the glam setting of the Chanel show or the model of the moment who walks for Dior. So often what we see in a runway show is inexpensively replicated for the racks at Zara or online at Nasty Gal within a matter of weeks.

As we grab for the look of the moment, the artisans who painstakingly created the original pleating, embroidery or beading seem to be left in the fashion dust.

However, recently there has been a shift. Not only is the Maker’s Movement and the concept of Slow Fashion gaining ground, but large influential fashion houses are making efforts to preserve the craftsmanship that makes garments works of art. As shoemakers, pleaters and embroiders begin to age, the need to train young craftspeople is becoming more and more immediate. Business of Fashion recently featured Chanel’s efforts to make sure the art and craft of fashion is not left behind.

Take a look at the following video as just one example of the craftspeople Chanel employs:

If you are reading this blog post, we assume that you, too, care about preserving the art and craft of fashion design. We believe it is our job to prepare you for many aspects of the fashion world, including the type of couture methods that French maisons are currently teaching. We are proud to offer you our newest video Tambour Embroidery.

Once you have tried your hand at embroidery, be on the lookout for our upcoming couture beading video. Here’s to preserving the techniques that make fashion truly unique – enjoy!

Header images: Chanel Resort 2016 from

Full Disclosure

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Our two newest videos have me in the mood for a little full disclosure, or should I say full diss on closures? When I was learning how to design and sew, I would go to any length to avoid putting a zipper in a garment. It was as if I had zipper-block. Tommy Ton’s recent street style photos for reminded me of all of the different closures I would attempt to incorporate into my designs, just so that I didn’t have to “install” (as I used to say) a zipper.

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Zip Up

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Do you remember the first time you realized, “Uh-oh, how will someone get into this garment?” We’ve all been there. You drape a beautiful dress, you mark your drape expertly and then you realize as you are taking the drape from the form to pattern, “This one is going to demand a zipper. Ugh.” Believe it or not, the anticipation of having to set a zipper is far worse than the actual task. Trust us. Read More

Buttons and Buttonholes

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Buttons and buttonholes – two designer “secret weapons.” It’s easy to select buttons as an afterthought, but taking the extra time to consider the size, shape and material of your buttons can make the difference between a well thought out design and a garment that just needed to be completed.  Read More

Student Spotlight WINNER: Kathryn Butler

The University of Fashion is thrilled to announce the winners of our recent Student Spotlight contest!  Kathryn Butler is our winner in the Sewing category, Rafael De Peña takes home the prize in Fashion Art and Chanica Pitaksakorn has won both the Pattern Making and Draping categories.  Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all of our students who entered – we love seeing how you are making the University of Fashion work for you!  In this post, we spotlight Sewing category winner, Kathryn Butler. Read More