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Back to bodice basics

- - Draping, Pattern Making

Are you curious how bridal designers get such a spot-on fit in the bodice of a gown? Take a look at the recent Bridal Fall 2016 offerings from Carolina Herrera, Anne Barge and Lela Rose in the header above. Then, wonder no more.

This week’s two new videos not only go hand-in-hand, but have been deemed by U of F founder, Francesca Sterlacci as, “instructional sloper videos that will be used for tons of designs.” She goes on to say,  “These slopers are CRITICAL to anyone’s fashion sloper library.” With an endorsement like that, we have deemed these basic building blocks as blog worthy. Read More

Consider this angle: To what degree do you know how to pattern a circle skirt?

- - Pattern Making

This week, we’ve launched the final two videos in our Circle Skirt series – Quarter Circle Skirt and Half Circle Skirt. For those of you who are mathematicians, creating or reducing fullness in a circle skirt may come easy. However, if you are wondering how to create the differences you see in the header images above, our 4-part series will become your step-by-step guide. Read More

Keep Your Pattern Making Skills Sharp

As the school year is wrapping up for many of you and graduation may be near, we, at the University of Fashion, are thinking about the skills you need during the summer to keep you sharp or to prepare you for your first job. Home sewers, we know that learning the art and craft of design sees no school year, so for you we are offering a new video that will refresh your pattern making skills and leave you with a three quarter circle skirt pattern that is just perfect for the spring and summer. Read More

2014: A Year of Twists, Details, Knits, New Beginnings and Looking Back

For the University of Fashion, 2014 has been the year of new video series. For University of Fashion students, this means in depth learning in each of our disciplines. This year, we have taken our students beyond basic skills and offered lessons to stretch, inspire and encourage you to take the next step in your fashion design career. Below, find a few of 2014 series highlights, including a just-added draping video. Read More