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Find Your Sketching Voice

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Your sketching voice is as unique as you are.  In a time where designers have access to Photoshop, Illustrator and a number of other CAD (Computer Aided Design) programs, your individual sketching voice becomes more valuable, because no program can create what your hand can sketch.   The University of Fashion is launching a new video series on Finding Your Sketching Voice in which we will help you find your voice, as well as consider how your sketching style assists in defining your aesthetic and brand. Read More

Drawing Design Details: Side Pleats, Ruffle Pleats and Smocking

Saint Laurent, Rodarte and Christopher Kane are just a few design houses that make good use of the design details (as seen above) we are featuring this week in our newest Fashion Art videos.  In our latest round of illustration videos with Roberto Calasanz, we show you how to map and shade Side Pleats, Ruffle Pleats and Smocking.  Coincidentally, we found all three of these design details in Karen Walker’s 2015 Resort collection.  The following examples illustrate how learning Fashion Art skills with the University of Fashion’s videos can be translated into unique designs. Read More

Drawing Design Details: Ruffles, Pleats and Panniers

Popping up on recent runways and sure to be a staple for Fall 2014, ruffles and pleats are having quite a fashion moment.  Just in trend-driven time, the University of Fashion brings you a new series of Fashion Art videos dedicated to drawing design details.  In the first of our new Fashion Art videos, we show you how to illustrate a Cascade Neck Ruffle, a Cascade Skirt Ruffle,  Accordion Pleats and a Draped Pannier-Cowl.
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