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Back to bodice basics

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Are you curious how bridal designers get such a spot-on fit in the bodice of a gown? Take a look at the recent Bridal Fall 2016 offerings from Carolina Herrera, Anne Barge and Lela Rose in the header above. Then, wonder no more.

This week’s two new videos not only go hand-in-hand, but have been deemed by U of F founder, Francesca Sterlacci as, “instructional sloper videos that will be used for tons of designs.” She goes on to say,  “These slopers are CRITICAL to anyone’s fashion sloper library.” With an endorsement like that, we have deemed these basic building blocks as blog worthy. Read More

Though history may shift, the shift dress remains a constant source of inspiration

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Over the course of fashion history, we have seen certain silhouettes re-imagined over and over again. When you think of decades past, visions of Poiret’s corsetless high-waisted hobble skirt may come to mind as translated by Yohji Yamamoto. Chanel’s once rebellious, and now iconic, pantsuit has been a source of inspiration for countless designers.  And Vionnet’s celebration of the female form through the use of the bias cut has shown up in the designs of the many present day designers who feature garments which highlight the natural curves of a woman’s body. Read More

Choosing a dress form

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For those of you ready to take the plunge and purchase your first dress form, our newest video is for you. And for those of you who have been draping, but would like to be well-versed in the technical names for commonly used measurements on the dress form, our newest video is you as well. In fact, even a seasoned designer will benefit from watching Introduction to Dress Forms. Read More

Learn the Basics and the Sky’s the Limit

- - Draping

The more techniques you have in your back pocket as a designer, the better. Though this week, you may be overflowing with inspiration and have “designs to do” on your list, taking a moment to learn a new technique will enhance your existing designs and inspire you to take your design aesthetic further in the future. Oh, and it never hurts to take a look at a Viktor & Rolf couture collection to further inspire… Read More

What does a fashionista wear camping?

- - Draping

Why, a tent dress, of course.  The hottest days of summer have arrived, and so has our newest draping video. As you think about designing (and dressing) for the summer season, easy loose-fitting pieces inevitably come to mind. We can’t think of a better time to introduce how to drape a tent dress. Read More

2014: A Year of Twists, Details, Knits, New Beginnings and Looking Back

For the University of Fashion, 2014 has been the year of new video series. For University of Fashion students, this means in depth learning in each of our disciplines. This year, we have taken our students beyond basic skills and offered lessons to stretch, inspire and encourage you to take the next step in your fashion design career. Below, find a few of 2014 series highlights, including a just-added draping video. Read More