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We teach fashion design, online

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  • We have more than 500 classes teaching every major fashion topic, including fashion business, sewing, pattern making, draping and fashion art
  • We don't charge per class. Our subscriptions cost US$220 a year or US$22.95 a month for access to all our classes
  • There's no pressure. No schedule. Learn what you want to learn, when you want to learn it, as quickly or as slowly as you want
  • You'll never feel lost watching our step-by-step demonstrations. If you get behind or miss a step, just rewind and re-watch
  • Want to ask a question? No problem! We answer questions every day, including on weekends

Play this video to see a preview of our lesson on fashion business startup fundamentals - Part 1 (of 3):

Play this video to see a preview of our lesson on influencer marketing:

Play this video to see a preview of our lesson on understanding retail profit & loss:

Play this video to see excerpts from our lessons on 1.) sketching shoes, 2.) draping a bodice with a sweetheart neckline and bust ruching and 3.) drafting a child’s basic pant sloper:

These are just some examples of what we teach. There's so much more!

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