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Silk Moth-Image by Dan Burchmore from Pixabay

Silk Through Time – From Ancient Luxury to Modern Sustainability

19th Century Silk Dress from Present-day Uzbekistan, Bukhara (Photo Credit: The MET, Islamic Art collection, “Robe”) SILK – a fabric steeped in legend, with tales of secrets and smuggling along the ancient Silk Road, now finds itself at the heart of modern controversy. Luckily, as a luxurious, durable, and biodegradable fabric, there are ways that read more >

Bill Cunningham

Move Over Hollywood- There’s a New Act in Town

If you are an avid follower of fashion then no doubt you’ve have already watched all 10 episodes of  The New Look (Apple TV+). The clothes, the history, and the acting were all superb (despite its 57% average Rotten Tomatometer score). And, if you haven’t already viewed these 12 other must-watch fashion films, well…what are read more >