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Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) software that you rent, instead of buy! You can try out TUKAcad software for a month at practically no cost.

University of Fashion subscribers get a special discount!
To buy a TUKAcad subscription, go to, register for a free TUKAweb account and then subscribe to either the TUKAcad LEARNING or PROFESSIONAL edition. To get an amazing discount on your TUKAcad subscription, enter the promo code UofF on the TUKAweb order form. For step-by-step TUKAcad ordering and discount instructions, watch the FREE lesson, "Introduction to TUKAcad-#1" (Click Lessons > Disciplines).

Within TUKAcad there are two modules: TUKAdesign for pattern-making / grading, and TUKAmark for marker-making.
- TUKAdesign enables you to easily transform your paper pattern making knowledge into fully digital pattern making
- TUKAmark enables you to automatically generate efficient pattern layouts to achieve the best possible fabric utilization for production or costing

TUKAcad software is compatible with all Windows operating systems, and even Windows servers. However, it can also be installed on your Apple computer as a virtual machine using Paragon's Bootcamp®, Parallels' Desktop ® or VMware's Fusion®.

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