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Wool Seam Finishes Compilation

Wool Seam Finishes Compilation

This lesson is learning how to sew wool seam finishes: Hong Kong bound, the flat felled, the pinked & opened, and the overlocked & open seam finish. All of these seam finish samplers will begin by first joining your fabric pieces together to form a seam. For the Hong Kong bound finish you will create silk organza bias strips that will be sewn onto the seam edges and then later turned and stitched for a beautiful and expensive looking seam finish.

We’ll teach you the sporty flat felled seam finish which is a technique most often seen on jeans, trousers and skirts. Our pinked & open seam finish utilizes a pinking shears and is best used when working with fabrics like wool flannel, gabardine, tropical worsteds and wool blends, that don’t fray much.

Our overlock & open seam finish will teach you how to use the Baby Lock overlock machine to finish the seam’s edges and then how to sew and open the seam for a classic seam finish that is very popular in the fashion industry.

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Module Description Step
1 Lesson Prep 1-1
2 Hong Kong Bound Finish 1-7
3 Flat Felled 1-5
4 Pinked & Open 1-3
5 Overlock & Open 1-3
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Step Description
1 For this lesson you will need the following: To create your wool seam samplers you will prepare  8 sets of wool fabric pieces measuring 7” wide by 9” long and 2 bias organza strips 1 ½”  wide by 10” long. Place a set of stickers to denote the wrong side of the wool fabric.


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