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Princess Sundress

Princess Sundress

This lesson will teach you how to drape princess dress with an empire bodice, spaghetti straps and a ruffled neckline.

You will learn how to prepare your muslin blocks and how to plan the design by using style tape on the dress form.

We’ll teach you how to drape a princess empire bodice and skirt and how to create a ruffled neckline.

You will even learn tricks of the trade when making bias spaghetti straps. The result will be a flirty sundress that you can later make out of a fun print or dress it up for evening out of satin or crepe.

Once you’ve mastered this dress, why not learn how to drape our sexy Bustier dress or our slimming Sheath dress?

Module Description Step
1 Prepare Dress Form 1-4
2 Extract Measurements 1-9
3 Prepare Muslin Blocks 1-6
4 Mark Guidelines 1-11
5 Center Front Empire Panel 1-6
6 Side Front Empire Panel 1-3
7 Join the Center Front & Side Panels 1-3
8 Center Back Empire Panel 1-6
9 Side Back Empire Panel 1-5
10 Join Empire Center Back/Side Panel 1-4
11 Join Empire Front & Back Panels 1-3
12 Skirt Front Panel 1-7
13 Skirt Side Front Panel 1-8
14 Skirt Center Back Panel 1-6
15 Skirt Side Back Panel 1-8
16 Join Skirt Panels & Empire Bodice 1-9
17 Ruffle Development 1-19
18 Spaghetti Strap Development 1-11
19 Final Steps 1-10
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Step Description
1 The first step is to apply style tape to your dress form to establish your guidelines and stylelines. Start by taping across the bust level from the right apex across to the left apex.
2 Tape the desired neckline and underarm both left and right side, but only the right side back neckline. Don’t drop lower than ½” (1.3cm) from the armplate at the side seam.
3 Tape the empire style line under the bust from back to front, ending under the left bust/princess line intersection. Your style tape must be parallel to the floor.
4 We will be using the dress form’s princess lines. Style tape the back and front princess seams.


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