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Model Drawing-Non-Classic Silhouettes & Poses

Model Drawing-Non-Classic Silhouettes & Poses

Richard Rosenfeld will demonstrate how to direct the live model so that he can illustrate avant-garde fashion in three non-traditional poses. You will learn that by choosing the right pose for your design you will be able to better communicate the intended look and attitude of the clothing.

Module Description Step
1 Gesture Drawing 1st Pose 1-8
2 Mapping the Zero Waste Dress 1-18
3 Gesture Drawing & Mapping 2nd Pose 1-14
4 Gesture Drawing 3rd Pose 1-3
5 Mapping- 3rd Pose 1-24
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MODULE 1 • Gesture Drawing 1st Pose

Step Description
1 I am drawing Janelle in a zero-waste dress. So, I am going to very simply, draw the figure proportion. Janelle will lower her…perfect.
2 So, that’s the body, very lightly.
3 I am going from the bottom of her apex, into her elbow, into her hand. I am compressing this.


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