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Lace Appliqué Overcast Stitch

Lace Appliqué Overcast Stitch

Learn how they do it in the couture! This lesson will teach you how to extract a motif from lace yardage and then appliqué that motif onto another fabric of your choice, using an overcast stitch

Use this technique to create extracts for sleeves, a hem or any area of a garment. You will also learn how to use specific tools for cutting the lace as well as why you would choose an overcast stitch instead of a blanket stitch when appliquéing lace.

This technique is most often used in bridalwear, eveningwear and in expensive lingerie.

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Module Description Step
1 Lesson Prep 1-2
2 Planning Lace Extracts 1-4
3 Cuting the Motif 1-6
4 Overcast Stitching Lace 1-12
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Step Description
1 Cut 1 piece silk organza 10” square.
2 Cut 1 piece of lace.


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