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Threading the Brother 1500s

Threading the Brother 1500s

Let us introduce you to the Brother 1500s sewing machine. You will learn the names and functions of the various parts of the machine.

We will teach you how to thread the machine, how to wind and change a bobbin, all about the machine’s feed dogs and how to replace the needle. We will even demonstrate how to sew a seam using the machine’s thread cutter.

Learn more about sewing by viewing our various seam and hem finish lessons as well as our many zipper setting lessons.

Module Description Step
1 Intro to Brother Machine 1-30
2 Threading the Machine 1-16
3 Changing Presser Foot 1-4
4 Changing Needle 1-8
5 Winding the Bobbin 1-10
6 Changing Thread 1-6
7 Machine Table Top & Stitching 1-10
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Step Description
1 The parts on the Brother 1500S are the antennae and raises up while you sew.
2 The two spool pins or thread holders.
3 Three hole thread guide.
4 Tension disc guide.
5 Tension disc dial.
6 Wire hook.
7 Metal hook.
8 Thread take-up lever.
9 First thread guide.
10 Second thread guide.

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