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Female Head, Hands & Feet

Female Head, Hands & Feet

This lesson is drawing the female head, hands and feet. The one thing that beginners fear most when drawing a fashion figure is how to draw the details of the head, face and hands.

This lesson will make it easy. You will learn about proportion and how to use your tools to get the best results when drawing eyebrows, eyes, the nose and the mouth.

You will learn the tricks of the trade, what to do and what not to do.

Once you have mastered this lesson try your hand at drawing other fashion poses like the Female Frontal Pose, the Side Back Pose and the Contrapposto Pose.

Module Description Step
1 Head Detail Front 1-12
2 Head Detail –  ¾ Upward View 1-14
3 Head Detail –  Profile View 1-12
4 Head Detail – Back View 1-5
5 Head Detail – Side Back View 1-6
6 Hand Views 1-6
7 Hand Placement 1-2
8 Foot – Frontal View 1-6
9 Foot – Side View 1-6
10 Foot – Back View 1-5
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Step Description
1A To begin drawing the head, lightly draw a vertical line as a guideline to represent the center front of the face.  On this guideline draw the shape of an upside-down egg.
1B Measure to the half-way point on the vertical guideline and draw a horizontal mid-line guideline. This will represent the eye line. Moving the eye line higher or lower will change the age of your figure; for a fashion figure, this line should be at the center.
1C To mark the eye, split the mid-line into four equal parts.  Mark the first “eye-width” directly across the center guideline.  Add the second and third “eye-widths” on either side of the first; you will be left with a half-width on either side of the face.  This is the proper eye-spacing for a fashion figure.
1D Divide the lower portion of the face into three equal segments.  The nose will rest on the top 1/3 mark.  The lips will rest on the lower 1/3 mark.
2A Practice drawing a sample eye first. Draw the left eye, with the upper eyelid in an arc.  Draw the tear duct with a curve going up slightly and then down to form the curve of the lower eye.
2B Avoid drawing a football or almond-shaped eye, eyes shaped like ovals, or eyes drawn like goldfish.
2C To draw the rest of a fashion eye, you will need to add eyelashes.  For the upper lash-line begin about 1/3 away from the inner eye.  Blend the eyelashes in a ‘down and up’ swoosh motion, pressing harder on the lash line to give the illusion of thickness at the base. Lighten pressure as you move your pencil up-and-out to give a feathery look at the edges.  The lashes should be blended outward, and the lash count should be innumerable.
2D For the lower eyelashes, move in about 2/3 from the inner-eye.  Use the same blending technique to create full-feathery lashes on the lower lash line.
2E To draw the eyeball itself, you will need to draw the circumference of the eyeball so that it overlaps the upper eyelid, as part of the iris should be hidden.
2F The pupil is at the center of your iris.  The pupil should not be too big or too small.  When you fill in the pupil, leave white space for reflection.  For fashion sketches, you can choose whether or not to include the eyelid crease for added dimension.

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