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"The University of Fashion is an awesome new online resource for learning the basics of sewing and design."
Kara McGrath Seventeen Magazine
"Thank you!! Your site really does have magnificent tutorials for novice and advance illustrators! Def glad I became a member. I have already recommended it to friends."
Rafael de Peña High School of the Fashion Industries and FIDM

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Personalization or Narcissism? The New Age of Customization

Everyone loves a little personal touch. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that as dominant animals, we humans like marking our territory. Or, perhaps it’s our need to differentiate ourselves from the pack, as evidenced by a male skeleton discovered in 26,000 B.C.E Northern Russia wearing a highly decorated beaded garment. Is read more >

Stripes or plaids not lining up? A little prep goes a long way…

If you are like us, the image of the dress below evokes the same uneasy feeling most designers, pattern cutters and sewers have experienced at least once in their careers. You’ve picked out and purchased the perfect fabric. You’ve painstakingly laid out your patterns and cut your fabric. You’ve closely pinned your pattern pieces and read more >